Fit with Gout Versions

Version 1.1.6, February 2020

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately this app will be discontinued at July 31, 2020.
  • Bug-fix: App ignores Android font size
  • Bug-fix: Calories of job activity incorrect for undefined days
  • Minor bug-fixes

Version 1.1.5, December 2019

  • Pro: Increased number of lists and recipes from 250 to 500
  • Pro: Added new daily mood: vomiting
  • Full support of Android 10
  • Update of Google Fit API
  • Update of Google Log-in API
  • Switched buttons to Material Design
  • Minor bug-fixes

Version 1.1.2, August 2019

  • Completed translations for spanish, italian, french
  • Minor bug-fixes

Version 1.1.1, June 2019

  • Added new predefined serving unit: bar
  • Definition of the energy density according to Prof. Dr. Schusdziarra
  • New: Category, and salt/sodium mandatory for new foods
  • Fixed display of salt values
  • Bug-fix: Food list of a category incomplete
  • Improved error messages
  • Minor bug-fixes

Version 1.1, March 2019

  • Pro account: Configuration of meals
  • New: Automatic day change in My Day and weight diary
  • New: Check of nutrition values of new and edited foods
  • New: Sugar and saturated fatty acids mandatory for new and edited foods
  • Updated recommended daily values for salt/sodium, iodine, vitamin B12 and D, alcohol
  • Full support of Android 9.0 Pie
  • Upgrade to AndroidX libraries
  • Bug-fix: No selection of serving sizes for recipe ingredients
  • Minor bug-fixes

Version 1.0.3, December 2018

  • Added transfer of support information using e-mail
  • Bug-fix: No log-in from widget
  • Minor bug-fixes

Version 1.0.2, August 2018

  • Pro account: Chest, underbust, upper arm, thigh, knee, calf in weight diary
  • New: Swipe gesture to change day at Dashboard and My Day
  • New: Time span of 180 days in the weight diary
  • Traffic light also takes alcohol into account
  • Revised display of Privacy Policy
  • Improved text search
  • Minor bug-fixes

Version 1.0.1, July 2018

  • Added more food translations for English, Spanish, French, and Italian
  • New e-mail based user accounts no longer require activation
  • New warning when switching the user account
  • Easier edit of nutrition values of a food when entering a consumption
  • Minor bug-fixes

Version 1.0, May 2018

  • First public release